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Does Speed Matter In Cards?

Blog PictureThis is a question that crops up in any photographers life at least once or twice in a lifetime and it has to be said that it is a delicate question to answer. The pros and cons of having good speed on a memory cards is quite a substantial debate, people say if you’re looking for the pro photographer life style the first thing you could do is get an amazing memory card that has a storage size bigger than a bankers pay check and is faster than a Ferrari driven by a tax dodger.

Yes in one way it is true, a good memory card should be quite fast. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be a big storage size either.

For example you could have a simple 8gb SD card with a read/write speed of 40 mb/s. This can be great for anyone to use but not that great for everyone’s line of work. Yes it might have a good speed to it but without the storage on it then it might not be great for someone who may shoot a lot of video.

But although that card may be small. At least his videos will look smooth on playback because of the speed. And that’s what matters for photographers and what they do or how they use them.

All in all. It all comes down to how you will mainly use your card for. Take me for instance, I will use my card for plenty of photos and videos which will need not only space but size too. And this is the happy medium which some people can not seem to find when buying a card for there camera.

If you need a lot of space but not amazing speed then it won’t be a major set back. And it’s the same if you don’t need a lot of space but plenty of speed. You just need to take a second and think, “What do I need?”. And that one simple question could save you a lot of hassle and/or money.

So in answer to the question “Does speed matter in cards?”. Yes it does but only if you need it. If you don’t need it then it doesn’t matter at all.

Beginner Videos Coming Soon

I am currently planning on making some beginner photography videos explaining some key things to understanding on how your camera works.

I’ll make a video on going through the settings on your camera

A video on understanding shutter speed

A video understanding F numbers on your lens and more to come.

These videos could take me either a minute to produce or a month as I am working overtime at my job so my apologies now if I can’t roll them out weekly but stay tuned for more to come!

Sorry For No Activity

Hey guys, sorry for posting any new blog posts or photos or videos up any time recently. 

The only reason for this is because I have just got a job and haven’t had any time to do any photography yet but once I’m settled in at work then I’ll get out and about to do some more photography, plus now I’m getting some income in at least I can be able to afford some new lenses for my camera. Roll on pay day!