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Got Mail!

Today I received my new Canon 60D in the post to of which I was very much excited to open up!

First impressions? Well being as I’ve already had a go with another 60D in one of my YouTube videos, you can get the details there.

But opening a new camera out the box for the first time is quite a happy feeling, getting the first look at your new camera, taking off the wrapping to all of the stuff inside, that new smell. It just makes buying new stuff very worth while. Obviously it doesn’t make it worth while just to have a quick whiff of a new smell but you know what I mean (hopefully).

Just waiting upon an SD card to come in the post and I’ll be giving you guys some test shots and videos. So stay tuned and check it out soon.

Settled for less? No.

Settled for less?

Today was an important day for me as I have just bought a new Canon 60D. I was originally going to buy a 7D but as money got in the way and time I decided a 60D was the best choice. But all is not lost with this camera for I have some good points.

Firstly is that the 60D and 7D share the same sensor at 18MP.

Secondly the 60D has a flip out screen which is great for videos!

Thirdly the 60D was cheaper by nearly £200! ($334.90)

So all in all, hope is not lost but become stronger. Can’t wait to receive the 60D and get doing what I love the most. Photography.

Canon’s New Lenses!

Canon's New Lenses!

Canon has launched two brand new lenses for their EOS range. The first one being a 16-35mm L lens. And the other one being a 10-18mm.

The L lens is rumoured to be the one that replaces the awesome predecessor 17-40mm L. Coming in at around $1200. Hopefully this lens will correct the issues that were on the 17-40mm like distortion and lens flare. But with all wide angle lenses, distortion comes with them. It can’t be helped really but it’ll be amazing if they can do it! This lens was designed with full frame sensors in mind.

And on the other end of the scale we have the 10-18mm. This lens is rumoured to be replacing the 10-22mm lens which is expensive. At around $300 that incredible for such a wide angle lens! But this lens is designed for crop framed sensors and for more the people on a budget most probably.

Over Kill Maybe?

So today I was at a small rugby event and there was presentations and stuff. Some photographers came to take some group photos of the teams and one big group photo.

So the first photographer pulls out a Canon 5D Mark 3 with about 4 L lenses and a flash on the bracket.

The second photographer pulls out a Canon 7D with two L lenses. And didn’t take any photos.

And the third photographer was just stood there holding his Canon 5D mark 2.

Pointless maybe?

Selling my 50D

Yes the day has come to of which I have sold my Canon 50D. Selling the 50D was a hard choice for me as it was the only thing I’ve ever truly worked for in my life. I spent months just earning £20 a week to try and save up for it, now it has gone. 


But good news! The reason I sold the 50D was so that I can buy a 7D! Yes little old me will be doing some filming with it and it means that I’ll be able to make my own videos too. Which means more videos on a regular basis and more topics, tutorials, tips and hints or just questions to be answered. 

So stay tuned for more stuff in the future!