Sorry For No Activity

Hey guys, sorry for posting any new blog posts or photos or videos up any time recently. 

The only reason for this is because I have just got a job and haven’t had any time to do any photography yet but once I’m settled in at work then I’ll get out and about to do some more photography, plus now I’m getting some income in at least I can be able to afford some new lenses for my camera. Roll on pay day!

Like Photography? Check out…


If you like photography just as much as me. Or less. Or more. Then you have to check out Lumus Photo!

His site has some great advice and tutorial videos on how to do great photography stuff.

Plus you can read about his interviews with some upcoming new trendy photographers making an impact on today’s world!

Photoshop – Amazing Yet So Evil

The Amazing CurseAs a photographer there’s nothing more I enjoy than going out to take pictures and to see other people enjoy them too. It makes the feeling of tiredness after going out long hours to get maybe even one shot, the one shot that you like out of all the shots you take that day a great feeling.

But there’s a amazing curse when it comes to wanting your picture to be the best that you want it to be. That curse in particular is Adobe, more importantly that curse is PHOTOSHOP.

This single piece of software that has been crafted by some amazing people has not only brought some spectacular new innovations when it comes to editing pictures, but made it possible to turn even a dull picture into something truly jaw dropping.

But I fear that as the years go on, this software will be the reason anyone goes out to take pictures any more… Just so that the editor or photographer can sit down at their computer and make a picture into something it’s not. Like change it so that it makes your mind think something is at a location when it is not. Or make you believe that you’re going to see an amazing phenomenon of a location, person, building, etc… When in reality it could be nothing more than a fake dream of a picture.

As much as I like or even love Photoshop for the wonders it can bring to the table in terms of photography. I just think that we could be relying on it too much in the near future… But that’s just my opinion.


Got Mail!

Today I received my new Canon 60D in the post to of which I was very much excited to open up!

First impressions? Well being as I’ve already had a go with another 60D in one of my YouTube videos, you can get the details there.

But opening a new camera out the box for the first time is quite a happy feeling, getting the first look at your new camera, taking off the wrapping to all of the stuff inside, that new smell. It just makes buying new stuff very worth while. Obviously it doesn’t make it worth while just to have a quick whiff of a new smell but you know what I mean (hopefully).

Just waiting upon an SD card to come in the post and I’ll be giving you guys some test shots and videos. So stay tuned and check it out soon.

Photography out of this world!