Starting Out (The Beginners Way)

Back when I started doing photography (all be it only two years ago but still) I didn’t have lots of money for a camera, lens, bag and the rest… But I got what I could afford at the time. And when I look back on the stuff I have bought and used, I often think that those things were the best bits of money I’ve ever spent. 

Those things taught me a lot about photography and how to use them to there full potential. It also gave me an understanding about being grateful for having the proper equipment and the money to afford that equipment too.

The best things for beginners is stuff like welding glass for ND filters, some string on the neck strap mounting points and standing on it for extra stability, using simple coloured plastic to add effect to some photos. And the possibilities are endless.

All in all, the best things you learn about photography are the things you can do with a little. 


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